Blueberry Co
Chloe Watts is the founder and creator of Blueberry Co. She started  Blueberry Co after having her first child in 2015 when she couldn’t find a  baby book that suited her and her style…. So she designed her own!

Chloe uses her sketches and love for all things funky and fun to create memory books that can capture your memories and precious moments.

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  • Monochrome Baby Book

    Blueberry Co The Monochrome Baby Book

    This stunning monochrome baby book from Blueberry Co has been designed with modern kids and parents in mind.  Record your child’s growing personality, free from gender stereotypes and fluffy animals (well… almost free from fluffy animals). This awesome baby book … Read More

  • The Monochrome Toddler Book

    The Monochrome Toddler Book

    The Monochrome Toddler Book The newest book from Blueberry Co The Monochrome Toddler Book is the perfect next step in their memory making series! It’s all about celebrating the insanely cute and, let’s face it, frustrating toddler years! It has … Read More