Born & Raised right here in New Zealand. Gobstopperz were Primarily Designed to stop those ‘Midnight Dummy runs’ by helping Baby to find their soother on their own and feel comforted back to sleep.
Along the way Gobstopperz have evolved and we’ve discovered that they’re a great holder for other item’s such as teether’s and rattle’s. You can attach Gobstopperz to almost anything – car seats, buggy straps, cot’s, clothing etc. Meaning which ever item is attached will not get lost.


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    Gobstopperz Bat Crazy
    $39.95 $31.95
  • Gobstopperz Sleepy Cloud

    Gobstopperz Sleepy Cloud

    How cute is this little Gobstopperz Sleepy Cloud! A fab beige cotton with sleepy eyes print and a light beige mink with taggies to match.This is really the item you never knew you needed until you have one, or two. … Read More

  • Gobstopperz Indie Bunny

    Gobstopperz Indie Bunny

    How adorable is our little Gobstopperz Indie Bunny! This pretty little bunny wearing a feather headpiece comes in lovely pastel colours with taggies to match. Grey, pink, green and cream! And a nice soft baby pink bobble minky with chocolate stars. … Read More