The Neckerchew teething bibs are the ultimate teething bib with an attached teether. A soft jersey cotton reversible bib which is lined to keep wetness off bubs chest, the teether is attached so you’ll never have to pick up a dropped teether again!

The Neckerchew combines a fully reversible, absorbent teething bib with an attached chewy teether for bub to chew on!  Designed to sooth teething gums, and its soft super-absorbent cotton soaks up all those teething dribbles.

The textured triangle-shaped teether at the base of the Neckerchew gives great ‘bite’, using an innovative, dimpled design to massage and sooth tender gums and encourages new teeth to break through. Gone are the days of retrieving and re-sanitising dropped teethers from cafe floors and back seats of cars!

Cheeky Chompers – The attachable teething solutions for your baby.

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